Faith-based programs of Girl / Boy Scouts
From Pam Cole
Note: These programs lend themselves to young people working individually rather than in groups.
The Friends Committee on Scouting is An Affiliated Program of Friends World Committee for Consultation Section of the Americas (FWCC).
An award is available to those who complete the program.
Friends may also find Girl/Boy Scouts Faith-based courses for Protestant Christians helpful and interesting.
P.R.A.Y. Publications. is the Protestant publisher of material for Girl / Boy Scouts in the USA.
One series is called, Get the Bible Basics RP3 Path SeriesRP3: Read, Picture, Ponder, Put Into Action. The materials include projects that are intergenerational. Attractive patches are available to purchase for children who complete each independent study unit. “Each patch in this series focuses on a simple object for the most part on an outdoor theme (i.e. water, birds, books, etc.) and includes 3 Bible stories that feature that object. Each patch will require 3 separate sessions (one session for each Bible story).” Requirements are shared through the P.R.A.Y. Website and you can acquire them by completing the curriculum request form at the top of this page. They are free of charge.
The larger and more formal series is called P.R.A.Y.  Awards are available. There are age appropriate courses for every division of scouts: Jesus and Me, God and Me, God and Family, God and Church, God and Life. The God and Church course includes some material about Protestants belief about churches that is somewhat different than unprogrammed meeting Friends. Before using this course, compare it to the FWCC courses specifically for Quakers listed above.
The P.R.A.Y. Program is available in Spanish and could be adapted by Latin American Friends Meetings.  
The PRAY overview and other resources are now online
I hope that some of these scouting resources may also prove useful . 
In the Light, en la luz,
Pam Cole, New Bedford Friends Meeting, NEYM
August 16, 2020

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